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Windows, v5.2.1 (2.9 MB)

Discover AnyDesk – Your Remote Desktop Software for Windows

  • Connect the desktop environment of individual Windows client devices and servers via remote access
  • Enable instant support and live administration through remote control of all connected Windows devices
  • Take advantage of a smooth remote desktop connection in Windows due to AnyDesk’s breath-taking frame rates, bandwidth efficiency and imperceptible latency
  • Work together easily and communicate online using remote access to Windows desktops

Remote Access to Windows 10: Manage all your Windows Desktops at once with AnyDesk

AnyDesk allows you to establish remote desktop connections in Windows 10 and opens up unprecedented possibilities of collaborating online and administrating your IT network. With AnyDesk, you can work remotely from everywhere!

Dynamic Performance for Smooth Windows Remote Access

With AnyDesk’s smooth performance, you can establish seamless remote desktop connections in Windows and offer excellent remote support to your customers. Web conferencing and file sharing is as easy as never before. Customizing your remote desktop software with your own brand and logo effectively highlights your corporate identity and renders your remote access application even more trustworthy for your partners.

Guy sitting at his desk with performant PC

Meet Professional Challenges with Flexible Remote Desktop Solutions for Windows

Download the small AnyDesk file of 3 MB and finish urgent tasks on the go with AnyDesk’s user-friendly interface. AnyDesk is not only compatible with Windows 10, but many other operating systems and their various versions, including iOS, macOS, Linux and Android. What is more, AnyDesk facilitates managing your remote desktop contacts and connections and administrating all settings and configurations in Windows, so you can focus on your projects rather than their administration.

Hand balancing several devices

Comprehensive Security for Your Windows Remote Desktop Connection

AnyDesk’s thorough TLS 1.2 encryption technology and incessant verification of connections ensure end-to-end privacy and protect your data. Only authorized desks can demand remote access to your PC via AnyDesk. With AnyDesk Enterprise, you can establish an autonomous, private network that fully shields your data while operating Windows remote desktops.

Safe remote controls several devices

Designed for Windows

The AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software for Windows remote desktops is adjusted to the latest Windows devices and is also compatible with earlier Windows versions.

Fast Download and small file size

AnyDesk for the Windows 10 Desktop has a light design, can be downloaded fast and secure, and you can start instantly to remote control Microsoft devices.

Free updates

Updates from AnyDesk for Windows 10 remote desktops are constant and free.

Version 5.2.1

Jun 7, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a couple small bugs.
Version 5.2.0

Jun 6, 2019

  • fiber_newCustom Client Layout:
    Added a new minimalistic layout for customer generated clients that only support incoming connections.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a a couple small bugs.
Version 5.1.2

May 27, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a crash when AnyDesk could not find a preview image.
  • autorenewWelcome Panel:
    Changed images for welcome panel.
Version 5.1.1

May 23, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a few major and minor bugs.
  • autorenewUsability:
    A couple small usability improvements.
Version 5.1.0

May 15, 2019

  • fiber_newTCP-Fordwarding:
    Added TCP-Forwarding for running sessions.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed many major and minor bugs.
  • autorenewPerformance and Usability:
    Improved performance and usability of the new user interface.
  • autorenewTranslations:
    Improved translations.
Version 5.0.5

Apr 12, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed several bugs that occasionally lead to crashes and freezes.
  • autorenewInstaller:
    Progressbar for the installer.
  • autorenewTranslations:
    Updated polish translations.
  • autorenewWelcome Tab:
    Updated the welcome tab.
Version 5.0.4

Apr 8, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Stability improvements and fixed default audio record settings.
Version 5.0.3

Apr 5, 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed many minor bugs.
  • autorenewUpdated translations:
    Updated translations for Chinese, Portuguese, French and Russian.
Version 5.0.2

Apr 4, 2019

  • bug_reportAddress Book:
    Fixed a few minor bugs in the Address Book.
  • bug_reportCommand Line:
    Security improvements regarding blocking outgoing sessions.
  • bug_reportAuto Discovery:
    Start Auto-Discovery automatically when AnyDesk is installed.
  • autorenewAddress Book:
    Added the right click menu.
Version 5.0.1

Mar 29, 2019

  • autorenewUser Interface:
    Small improvements of the new user interface.
  • bug_reportStability:
    Fixed a rare case that can cause AnyDesk to not respond or crash.
  • bug_reportConnection Trace:
    Tracefile was sometimes not stored correctly when AnyDesk is installed.
Version 5.0.0

Mar 27, 2019

  • fiber_newNEW User Interface:
    Completely new and modern design for AnyDesk with many usability improvements.
  • fiber_newAddress book:
    Greatly improved address book with drag & drop and better handling.
  • fiber_newRemote Printing:
    Support for remote printing on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • fiber_newAuto Discovery:
    New feature that allows AnyDesk to find other clients inside your local network.
  • bug_reportRemote Cursor:
    Fixed bugs relating to the remote cursor and fullscreen mode.
  • bug_reportStability:
    Fixed several bugs that can lead to crashes in special situations.
  • autorenewLocalization:
    Updated translations.
Version 4.3.0

Dec 14, 2018

  • autorenewTerminal Sessions List for Windows Server:
    All windows sessions on a server are shown as list to choose from, when connecting to a Windows server and no terminal session is specified with the ID.
  • autorenewCommand Line - File Manager Session:
    New command line parameter “—file-transfer” available. Start a file manager session from the command line.
  • fiber_newActive Session List:
    Added the active session list, allowing to terminate running sessions within the FrontEnd. Users can now control their sessions directly in AnyDesk.
  • autorenewMouse Cursor:
    Mouse cursor is now shown normally when no physical mouse is connected to the remote device.
  • bug_reportResolved several crashes:
    Fixed rare issues in context of mouse, incoming session and installation process under certain conditions.
  • autorenewAddress Book:
    Corrections in list view and filtering in the address book.
Version 4.2.3

Aug 22, 2018

  • fiber_newConnection Method:
    Direct connections can now be manually disabled in the settings.
  • bug_reportRemote Restart:
    Fixed auto-reconnect of the remote restart feature.
  • bug_reportCrash resolved:
    Resolved a rare crash on incoming sessions.
  • bug_reportImage Issue:
    Some connections would not display an image on draw which is now forwarded to GDI.
  • bug_reportApp Startup:
    The standard distribution of AnyDesk did not start when a previously installed MSI version of AnyDesk was not uninstalled correctly.
Version 4.2.2

Jul 18, 2018

  • bug_reportAlias input method repaired:
    An alias could not be registered in case ‘@ad’ was not appended.
  • bug_reportSecuring the ID:
    On successful alias registration a hint is shown, that the user has to take care of his alias and store his config to a save place to not lose the ID.
Version 4.2.1

Jul 17, 2018

  • bug_reportResolved crash for devices with no mouse:
    Fixed a crash which could occur after one minute when there is no mouse attached to the system.
  • bug_reportCorrected behavior:
    Fixed packets being dumped which should only be dumped in debug mode.
  • bug_reportResolved crash on startup:
    Fixed a rare crash which occured immediately after starting AnyDesk.
Version 4.2.0

Jul 12, 2018

  • fiber_newClipboard:
    Clipboard file transfer can now be disabled in the security settings.
  • fiber_newNew privacy settings available:
    The preview image can now be disabled in the privacy settings.
  • fiber_newText Input:
    'Select all' is now supported by most edits.
  • fiber_newSession Comments:
    The session comment section can now be disabled.
  • bug_reportD3D Crash fixed:
    Fixed a crash in D3D render mode.
  • bug_reportCompatibility for remote mouse cursor:
    Fixed a crash related to the 'Follow remote mouse cursor' feature.
  • bug_reportSecurity enhancement:
    Fixed a bug which made it possible to set up a password not meeting the password safety requirements for unattended access.
  • fiber_newOptimized Condition:
    Fixed a race condition that could occur during requesting an alias.
  • bug_reportClipboard Permissions corrected:
    When pasting a file after disabling the clipboard, the file copy operation got stuck. File transfer is now cancelled when clipboard sync is disabled.
  • bug_reportSuccessful bug hunting:
    Fixed a rare bug which made AnyDesk crash immediately on startup.
Version 4.1.3

Jun 12, 2018

  • autorenewSession comment improved:
    Made the session comment section multiline again.
  • bug_reportHotkey transmisson fixed:
    File transfer sessions no longer transmits hotkeys.
  • bug_reportOS DLL fix for Win7:
    Fixed DLL preloading vulnerability in Windows 7 SP1.
  • bug_reportVulnerability fixed:
    Thanks go to Kushal Arvind Shah of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs for reporting this vulnerability to us.
Version 4.1.2

May 28, 2018

  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Fixed a bug in the security panel which made it impossible to set a password.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Fixed navigation to the drive selection view in file transfer mode.
Version 4.1.1

May 28, 2018

  • bug_reportFile Manager repaired:
    Fixed a bug which made it impossible to go up two folders in succession in file transfer mode.
  • bug_reportCaps Lock Fixed:
    Fixed caps lock in translation keyboard mode.
Version 4.1.0

May 17, 2018

  • autorenewImportant security update:
    This is an important security release, please update as soon as possible.
  • autorenewVulnerability fix:
    Prevented DLL preloading vulnerability in Windows 7 SP1. Thanks go to Kushal Arvind Shah from Fortinet for reporting this vulnerability to us.
  • fiber_newLibrary Update:
    Updated OpenSSL library to the latest version.
  • bug_reportFixed problem on request:
    Fixed monitor reactivation when the monitor is in sleep mode and there is an incoming connection.
  • bug_reportUpdate:
    Fixed manual update link when auto-update is disabled.
  • bug_reportFixed request failure:
    Fixed a bug that prevented further connections to a computer, if a previous connection to that computer failed.
  • bug_reportKeyboard Input:
    Fixed keyboard problems that occurred in conjunction with the right shift button.
Version 4.0.1

Apr 10, 2018

  • fiber_newExtended support for Terminal Server:
    On connecting to a terminal server the user can choose now if to connect to the console session or a specific user. As an alternative a fully specified address can be used to directly connect to a specific user.
  • fiber_newAdded file manager session type:
    The file manager can also be used during a normal session.
  • fiber_newSession recording and playback:
    Enable this option under “privacy” in the options tab.
  • fiber_newSession auto-locking:
    Optional auto-locking of the Windows session on AnyDesk session end.
  • fiber_newFollow mouse cursor:
    When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote mouse cursor.
  • fiber_newAuto-Update:
    AnyDesk can now update to the latest version automatically.
  • fiber_newPick your Alias:
    The user can now choose an alias after installation.
  • bug_reportConnect to IP/Hostname via CLI:
    Fixed a bug which made it impossible to connect to an IP/Hostname using the command line.
Version 3.7.0

Jan 10, 2018

  • bug_report[Security] Fixed Permission Reset:
    Fixed a bug where the permissions could be reset during the session.
  • bug_reportFixed Main Window Rendering:
    In some cases, the AnyDesk main window was not rendered correctly in Windows 10 (showing transparent areas).
Version 3.6.3

Nov 17, 2017

  • bug_report[Crash] Tray Icon Termination:
    Fixed a crash when terminating AnyDesk using the tray icon while sessions were running.
  • bug_reportWindows 10 Black Image:
    Under rare conditions, connecting to Windows 10 showed no image/a black image.
  • bug_report[Security] Clipboard Permission:
    Clipboard permission works again.
  • bug_reportSAS (Ctrl+Alt+Del):
    Fixed SAS (Ctrl+Alt+Del) which did not work under some conditions on Windows Vista and upwards.
  • bug_reportScreen Rotation on Windows 10:
    On some Windows 10 systems, AnyDesk did not work when the monitor was rotated. On these systems, AnyDesk should now transmit the monitor content normally.
  • bug_reportF[Crash] Adress Book Closure:
    Fixed two rarely occuring crashes on address book closure.
  • bug_reportDisallowed License Key Change:
    Disallowed to change the license key if settings are disabled.
Version 3.6.2

Oct 17, 2017

  • bug_reportFixed Address Book Behaviour for Free/Lite:
    Trying to add an address from the speed dial to an address book with a license of type free or lite opened a dialog instead of the address book.
  • bug_reportScreensaver Setting Restored Properly:
    Fixed screensaver settings on AnyDesk session termination. This was broken due to a bug in Windows.
  • bug_reportSession Comment Dialog:
    Fixed session comment dialog which could appear twice.
  • bug_reportFixed Custom MSI Conflict:
    Fixed strange behaviour of custom version occuring in case a custom MSI version is installed. This broke the clipboard for example.

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