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11 Awesome Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

11 Awesome Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Did you know that, on average, you only have a few seconds to convince your visitors to stay on your site? Increase Conversions on Your Website with the below awesome tips.

If you don’t hook them fast enough, chances are they’ll leave and go somewhere else. This means lost revenue for your business. So what can you do to ensure you capture their attention from the get-go?

Here are 11 awesome ways mentioned by NewsVarsity to increase conversions on your website:

1. Use high-quality images consumers will love

When creating landing pages consumers tend to soak up every little detail. When it comes down to using images in your landing page design, use ones that reflect the product/service being sold accurately and clearly.  For example, if I was selling red apple juice then an image of a red apple would be coherent with the product being sold.

This also applies to any screenshots you use from your products or services, ensure they’re as clear as possible using a high quality image editor such as Photoshop.

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2. Call to action buttons

When creating landing pages it’s important to have a call-to-action button which stands out from the crowd and directs people where they need to go next. This could be directing them to a sale page for signing up for a subscription, a contact page so they can get in touch with you for further information or even a blog either on your website or social media accounts giving updates on what’s going on with your business/brand. Having clear instructions will increase conversions dramatically.

3. Get endorsements from popular influencers in your niche

If you can get a reputable figure within your industry to endorse your product/service it will give you a higher chance of conversions taking place.  This is because people trust influencers and are more likely to be persuaded into buying something they have been told about by someone they trust. This is why high profile celebrities with lots of followers tend to sell products such as clothing, beauty products etc…

You could contact an influencer on Twitter or Facebook asking if they would like a free sample in return for them tweeting or posting about it online. If the person says yes then send over the free sample and ask them politely to tweet about it not only is this a great way of getting their endorsement but also free advertising via social sharing.

4. Offer a free trial

According to Conversion Rate Experts “Free trials are the ultimate usability trick”. It’s true, because offering people a chance to ‘try before they buy’ gives them the opportunity to really get into your product or service and understand it fully without any risk on their part. If you can get someone to sign up for a trial of your product/service it will dramatically increase the chances of them converting further down the line when you ask them to pay for it. This is often used by SaaS companies whereby they offer an unlimited duration trail before having to start paying for their services; this gives users chance to use all aspects of their software and see how beneficial it could be for them.

5. Add testimonials from happy customers

Testimonials are a great way of persuading people who are still unsure about signing up for your product/service. They’re more likely to trust the words of other individuals instead of just brand claims. When using testimonials get ones which are specific, this means that they should address certain aspects where you know your users might have problems. If you can’t find any decent customer testimonials then why not ask some of your existing users to record a video giving their thoughts on what it’s like using your product or service, how it has benefited them and why others should sign up too? You could put these videos all in one place to create an awesome customer section on your website.

7. Be transparent with your users

Giving people an insight into what happens behind the scenes of your company is a great way to build rapport and increase conversions. For example you could share information on how the product was made, the materials used, where it’s manufactured or even how your team operates; this will make them trust you more knowing that it’s not some big faceless corporation who are only out for themselves but instead a small business like their own. It also shows that they’re passionate about making their product/service better for customers which in turn gives off a positive vibe to new visitors.

8. Include testimonials from influencers within your niche

Make sure that you also get endorsements from reputable sources within your industry too. You need to do this because it will not only give people the trust factor but also help you stand out from your competitors. These influencers could be bloggers, well known vloggers or even industry professionals who have an extensive social media following. If they agree to give you a testimonial you should take advantage of this by putting this on your ‘testimonials’ page. Within your website which is another great way of persuading new visitors into converting.

9. Add a guarantee

Offering guarantees are pretty common nowadays. Which is why if yours doesn’t include one yet make sure that you update it as soon as possible! There are two kinds of guarantees; money back and lifetime. With money back guarantees users can get their money back for a specific period of time. If they’re not satisfied with the product/service whereas lifetime guarantees offer a long-term solution. Where users can get a refund if their problem isn’t solved if it’s broken or stops working. Visit The Indian Jurist for more information about guarantee.

10. Add ratings from independent websites

If you don’t have many customer testimonials then getting endorsements from other trustworthy sources within your industry is another great way to persuade people into signing up for your product/service instead. You can do this by adding scores and star ratings from well known review sites as these are often seen as being more reliable compared to those directly on your website. If there aren’t any available yet then why not consider requesting some from popular review sites such as Trustpilot?

11. Create a subscription service

It’s common for people to want their products immediately and with subscription services. You can provide this by allowing your customers to sign up and pay monthly or yearly in order to get access. By doing this you’ll be able to make the most of your existing traffic. And keep them coming back time after time with a reminder email too!

Conclusion paragraph:

If you want to increase conversions on your website. Consider implementing at least one of these 11 awesome tips. All it takes is a little creativity and some basic know-how in the world of digital marketing. To get more customers through your doors! Which idea did you find most helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tagging Waterfall Magazine on Twitter. So we can chat with you about how to make this work for your business.


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