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7 Practical Tips to Memorize Holy Quran


Memorizing Holy Quran is a unique way to preserve the Divine book followed by Muslims. Millions of people all over the world are hafiz because Allah has promised to save the same meaning and words of the Quran for a long time. Unlike other books, the teaching and science of the Holy Quran gave rise to Shariah Law. People involved in the noble cause of understanding, learning and teaching the Quran will be rewarded with huge benefits. Though Quran recitation is a blessing but memorizing this book will help you to seek the highest honor in Jannah for you and your parents.

Memorizing Holy Quran is a virtuous deed with many rewards. Anyone can become a hafiz, but learning Quran for kids is easier and better. It is not possible to become a Hafiz of the Quran overnight. Remembering and understanding the content while maintaining the accuracy of the message is one of the most difficult tasks. There are a few simple tips or guidelines that you can follow in Quran classes online to speed up the learning process.

It’s difficult to Hifz Quran on your own, you will need someone to test you on your lessons and to motivate you throughout this journey. Before going into detail let me share with you that Online Quran Live, is the right place for you to start.


Follow these 7 tips to Memorize Quran

Here I have done the hard work on your behalf and compiled the list of 7 amazing tips to memorize Quran. Following these practical tips with patience and diligence, will make the job of becoming a Hafiz of the Quran easier than ever before. Because they lay the foundation for success.

  1. Always ask Allah for help

First and foremost, important is to make dua and ask Allah to help you with your memorization. Seeking guidance from Allah in all aspects of life is our religious duty. Seeking His assistance to remember His words is logical and it will give you motivation and determination. So, let’s embark on the journey to memorize Quran with His name.

  • Learn with tajweed

Whether it’s an online Quran class UK or you are learning it in any part of the world, learn with tajweed. Learning to recite with the correct pronunciation not only strengthens the memorization but also makes it beautiful and melodic. Quran with tajweed pleases the ears which ultimately increases the motivation of the hafiz.

  • Seek help from a qualified Quran teacher

You need to be assessed and evaluated on accurate grounds by your parents or teachers while learning Quran. A qualified teacher will provide material and guidelines to improve and avoid mistakes. You can’t achieve fruitful results by following these tips if you don’t have a support of a qualified teacher. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to go and check online Quran live. It’s an online Quran teaching academy where qualified teachers are available to support your Hifz e Holy Quran journey.

  • Memorize with understanding

Reading out loud is a powerful mechanism to memorize something. In the case of the Quran, learning with understanding is more important. If you know what you are reading you will remember it well. So, it is important to understand the Arabic language to understand the meaning of verses and the connection between them. In this regard reading Tafseer or seeking the help of an online Quran teacher is a good option to memorize verses and recall their meaning when reciting. Memorizing with understanding will also help you to apply Quran teachings in your daily life.

  • Take one step at a time

It is practically impossible and frustrating to strive for hifz overnight. Memorizing so many verses at a time will create confusion in your mind. you need to take your time and be patient. Always start by revising what you have memorized before. It is good to revise what you have learned at the end of the week and the end of the month. Although, this process is time taking, but it will sharpen your memorization skills.

  • Don’t lose Hope ever

This well-protected book is more than a blessing for Muslims and the hifz of the Holy Quran for kids as well as elders is not a few days journey. It can take a few months or a couple of years and a lot of hard work. All you need is to be patient and consistent throughout this process. Don’t lose hope because you are memorizing the words of Allah and this sacred book benefits its readers and memorizers.

  • Wakeup early and memorize in a peaceful environment

Last but not least important tip is to get up early and memorize Quran in the morning. It’s a time of the day when your brain is fresh with a great ability to remember things easily. Pray fajr, find a peaceful corner and memorize at least for 30 minutes daily. A noisy environment distracts students and interferes with the learning process.

So, it’s time to find a good online Quran teacher, and follow the above-mentioned tips to increase your speed and hifz the Holy Quran.

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