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Is SBI CBO a permanent job? What is the job profile of SBI CBO?


State Bank of India has released the vacancies for 2022 for the post of CBO (Circle-Based Officers) to recruit employees under the JMGS-I. Therefore, this is a huge opportunity for candidates who would have successfully appeared as SBI CBO will also be appointed on the JMGS Scale-I. If you want to chisel your skills to appear successfully for the position, you can use the resources available at BYJU’S Exam Prep for all your banking-prep needs.

SBI CBO- Job Profile 2022

As the exam of SBI CBO is near, many candidates want to know about the profile of an SBI CBO, the perks and benefits, the roles and responsibilities, salary, and many other things. So, we have segregated everything for you to avail of every little detail about SBI CBO.


  • After you successfully appear for the exam, you will be on a probation period of six months to two years, during which you will be appointed as a Circle Based Officer.
  • After your probation period and a series of assessments, you will be placed as a Junior Management Grade Scale-I office in the bank.
  • However, the selected candidates will not be eligible for inner-circle transfer until they reach the Senior Management Grade Scale-IV or have been discharged twelve years of service to the bank.

Role & Responsibilities of an SBI CBO

  1. Management of Critical Branch Function: An SBI CBO will be responsible for handling all crucial branch matters about stringent rules and regulations.
  2. Approving Loans: All the loan packages will be approved by the SBI CBO.
  3. Overlooking Day-to-day Operations: The SBI CBO has to monitor all the banking operations and make sure that everything is in order.
  4. Developing Relationships: The SBI CBO is entitled to develop trust and build a healthy relationship with all its customers and help them avail themselves of the bank’s facilities.
  5. Implementation of Policies: The SBI CBO is entrusted with the responsibilities of properly implementing policies for the smooth running of the bank and building trust among customers.


The probation period is a tough time for every working individual. During your probation period as an SBI CBO, you will be put on a test and trial, and your intelligence, capabilities, and hard work will be graded and determine your position in the near future. For the initial six months of your probation, you will be assessed based on your responsibilities and performance. After completing the probation period, you will be placed as a JMGS Scale-I officer. However, please note that the candidates who will not be able to clear their probation period will be terminated, and their recruitment will not be enforceable.

Perks & Benefits of an SBI CBO

  • An SBI CBO is entitled to the Pension Scheme
  • The candidates are entitled to medical benefits for their family and themselves
  • Employees are also entitled to LTC (leave travel compensation)
  • In addition to LTC, you will also be eligible for home travel compensation
  • One can even avail of personal/car/housing loans on lesser interest rates.

SBI CBO Salary Structure

Many candidates want to know the salary structure of an SBI CBO. The general pay scale of an SBI CBO is somewhere around INR 23,700 per month to INR 42,020 per month. The Gross compensation can be around INR 8,20,000 to INR 13,08,000, which is subject to changes on the basis of the post and location of a candidate.


To get a stable job as the SBI CBO is not easy, and it requires one to go through an intensive competitive examination. Preparing for it can be difficult. Tools like BYJU’S Exam Prep have a wide variety of material to help the students prepare for different exams, so never get stuck with your preparation with so much material around you. All the best!


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