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5 Reasons why Lombok Tourism should be on your next vacation list

Lombok Tourism

Lombok Tourism – When there are lots of people and things going on in a city, it’s easy to get tired and bored. For students, workers, and even housewives, the holiday season is what we’re really looking forward to. We are very lucky to live in Indonesia, which has tens of thousands, if not millions, of great places to visit.

But did you know that when asked about vacation spots, most people immediately think of the island of Bali? In fact, many people from outside of Indonesia know more about Bali than about Indonesia. Even though Bali isn’t the only place with interesting natural and cultural tourism, the islands around it are just as interesting. Yes! Lombok Island is a great place to go on vacation, and here are the top 5 reasons why.

Lombok tourism all in one

Muslims and Hindus make up most of the people who live on Lombok Island. This is because of the fact that Lombok is next to the island of Bali, which has an effect. Lombok is called the island of a thousand mosques and a thousand temples because of this. Lombok is a unique and flexible place because it has many different cultures and ways of life that all come together.

Many say, if you go to Bali, you can’t see Lombok, but if you go to Lombok, you can see Bali. When you’re in Lombok, you can feel the unique culture of both Lombok and Bali. This is true of the food, the architecture, the culture, and even the way people speak. So, going to one place that makes you feel like you’re on two different islands is exciting, right?

On the island of Lombok, everything is cheap

Most people think of the city of Jogja, which is known for its cheap cat rice, when you ask them where the cost of living is low. But did you know that Lombok isn’t much more expensive? Nasi Balap, a dish that is popular in Lombok and known for being cheap, is a favourite food. One pack of tau racing rice only costs about Rp. 3,000, which is the same price as cat rice in Jogja. But the amount of rice you will get is two to three times the amount of cat rice. Aside from that, the side dishes are also much more complete. You usually get shredded chicken, vermicelli, vegetables, serundeng, and chilli sauce. Isn’t that cool? It’s good for people who want to go on vacation but don’t have a lot of money. So, please don’t be afraid to visit Lombok.

Everything is near

If you go on vacation to Lombok, you should stay in Mataram, the capital city. Why? Because almost all of the things people do every day happen in that area. That will make travelling easier for you. From the city of Mataram, it’s easy to get to nearly 70% of tourist spots. So you won’t run out of money to pay for transportation.

Also, Mataram is a small city, so all of the places to go are close together. In fact, Mataram’s four malls are all close to each other. If you go to malls in Mataram using online transportation, it will only cost you as much as a bajai in Jakarta. Cheap, huh?

Lombok, like Bali, has thick customs

In addition to natural tourism, Lombok has a lot of rich traditional tourism to offer. The people of Lombok care a lot about keeping their traditions and culture the same from one generation to the next. You will see many traditional events and ceremonies that you have never seen before. When Balinese customs are added to cultural tourism, it will become very thick and unique. The ogoh-ogoh is a traditional event in Lombok that comes from the culture of Bali. An annual event in Lombok where dozens or even hundreds of huge statues are carried through the streets. It will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The natural setting and atmosphere are still beautiful

When you think of Lombok, you can’t help but think of its well-known and very beautiful beaches. Yes, Lombok has a lot of beautiful beaches that are also very clean. This is because the people who live there care about how clean their environment is. There are already a lot of designated trash dumps at each beach to keep tourists from leaving trash behind. Local people will tell you right away if you throw trash in the wrong place. Be a nice and beautiful place to live in Lombok.

Playing in Lombok is fun, don’t you think? Come on, start saving money and making plans for your next trip to Lombok. Check out other travel information on Sumber Referensi Perjalanan as well.

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