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Qualities to look for in a Genuine Packer and Mover

Packer and Mover

Relocating to a new location can be very terrifying. It is quite normal to feel so. Everyone goes through the same experiences when they are moving to another place, whether local or intercity. Most of the people contradict this feeling by hiring Genuine packers and movers from Mumbai to Delhi who have experience in dealing with such things. Packer and mover services are adept at handling hot shot loads, ensuring timely and secure transportation of urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

There are several aspects of the move that we can’t manage all by ourselves. It is important that we understand how serious things can get when you are relocating. One cannot be a pro in these things so, it becomes essential that you plan things accordingly. When it is time to move like a pro, you need help from an expert. And for that, you need to hire packing and moving services to deal with these things.

While you are looking for packers and movers, you have to make sure that you get the right one to do that. In case, you don’t get genuine packing and moving services, then it can become quite harassing for you. You will feel stressed all the time until and unless your belongings don’t reach the destination safely.

If you have kids at home, not having a good mover can increase your problem a great deal. You will need a lot of preparations to do before you can finally make the shift. But how to find if a moving company is genuine or not?

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There are a few points that you can do to understand if the company is genuine or not. A professional always leave their imprint on their customer’s mind with good work. If you are looking for good professionals, then you need to keep in mind a few tips. Having the right resource can help you get the right company, but if you are looking for it in your own ways, then you need to know how to check for the qualities in a packer and mover who will make it easier for you.

Even though the logistics field is gaining importance and flourishing over time, still there is a fear of falling into a trap with the wrong ones. With the significant rise in the demand of the movers, there is an increase in the scams also. So, it is important to make the selection carefully so that you don’t fall into any kind of trap.

Look for these qualities in a genuine packing and moving service provider and you will stay away from any issues during the move.

4 Essential Points to Check in a Genuine Packer and Mover

1. Valid Legal Documents

When you reach any shop or office, you can see the certificates or licenses hanging on their walls. This not only gives them the authority to run the shop but also blows confidence into the customers. The same happens when you see the government certificate with the genuine packers and movers. The first thing that gives you the confidence of joining hands with moving company.

The first thing that you must look for in mover and packer is its licenses and certificates. Responsible packers must have legal documents and that is what affirms your confidence in the company. Just check their Pan Card, registration certificate, IBA approval, GST registration, transport license, moving licenses, etc. Documents issued by the government give the company the authority to run their business without any problems.

2. Written Invoice

Look for the packers and movers companies that believe in transparent dealings. All their procedures follow the protocol hence, giving the customer confidence to deal with them. Their authenticity relies on the way they deal with the customers. One of the ways to ensure their authenticity is the written documentation that they provide to their customers. An invoice is an essential document that helps in strengthening future correspondence. This builds confidence between the customers and the company.

In case, you hold a written document, you have proof. This is a necessary document that allows you to hold the company to its word. At times, the company increases the rates for their services later.  If they are right to increase the service charges, then they will give you the appropriate reason for increasing it. You must also ask for the price break up.

Genuine companies keep their track records clean as they have all the documents in place. If the moving company is ready to provide the written invoice for their services, then you must go for that company confidently.

3. Insurance Facility

Insurance is a great way of securing yourself from unprecedented events. It is a sort of prevention without waiting for you to look for the cure. Anything can happen while shifting things from one place to another. Things may get damaged or get into any kind of accident. The genuine packers and movers, who are responsible for relocating the things safely, often suggest you take up insurance facilities.

Every item in the household has a value attached to them. This is understood by the moving company and the responsible ones, who often go for the insurance coverage to safeguard them during the move. As said, insurance can provide customers financial security in case of any accidents. The monetary loss involved,

if any items get damaged accidentally is quite heart-breaking. With the moving company you will get the best coverage schemes, easy insurance claims, proper documents, should be checked before you can ensure the authenticity of the movers.

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4. Well-connected Network

One of the best aspects of the moving company is their vast spread network. If they have a good, well-connected network, only then they can function properly. In case you end up looking for the packer and mover, then ensure that you find one that has a widespread network and has branches in most of the big cities. This makes the relocation reach every corner of the state and country.

If your company has branches in different cities, make sure they extend their services to remote areas as well. This way the relocation can be conducted flawlessly without any delays. This is one of the unmissable factors of a genuine company.

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