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Traditional style Eid dresses


Fashionable and stylish Kurtis are now women’s preferred attire for any event. The appeal of kurtis is the reality that they showcase the classic glam of ethnic attire as well as the effortless style of a Western style. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the new kurti trend or a traditional one you can find them in a wide range of colours and fabrics that are sure to  everyone! The colours of your attire convey a lot about your personality this is the reason why you should never make the colour choice lightly when shopping for the kurtis.

Today, women are taking on bolder fashion choices by choosing dresses that have the most unusual colour palette. Yellow is one of the most fashionable hues for Kurtis, and it is not too expensive. It’s bright, cheery and refreshing. It is perfectly suited to your vibrant spirit, making it suitable for all joyful occasions. Libas e Jamila is offering you a wide range of Eid clothes UK collection from which you can choose your vibrant colour Eid dresses without any doubt. Recently, another trend for women’s clothing is the dual tones Kurtis! Why opt for an all-black kurti when you can have

an unusual look by wearing two different shades? If you’re one who is a fan of yellow and would like to wear an elegant kurti that is dual toned look into the different hues that are best suited to the bright hue:

Trendy elegant style dresses

The brightness of yellow mixed with the sophistication of black creates an elegant appearance with these trendy Kurtis. Simple yet striking black is a perfect contrast to yellow, and creates a balanced appearance that’s neither over powering nor not too overwhelming. This vibrant colour combination can also be very effective with the form of a salwar dress for women. For more trendy and stylish combination of eid dresses visit

Yellow with deep blue combination

Unique colour combo Yellow with deep blue and blue makes the person wearing it stand out from the rest! It’s a royal hue which is usually mixed with hues such as red or green. However, should you be looking to do something different, you can pair your look with yellow! These kurtis are adorable and dual-toned and be the centre of attention wherever you are.

Beautiful long dresses

Impress the people around you by showing off your fiery style with a kurti in red and yellow! Red is a colour that is a great match for many shades, and it creates a captivating pairing with yellow. Bring warmth and happiness into your eid dresses  by adding this stunning look right now!

Spring green and yellow dresses

The stunning combination of green and yellow in these Kurtis will leave you feeling totally at home in the nature. With a dazzling vibrant this colour combination will make you look like a model at all times! This fresh spring outfit is perfect to wear to evening parties the summertime.

Stunning Colour combination

The stunning colour combination of hot pink is the hottest fashion choice for women of late! The bright pink hue, paired with the lemony hues of yellow will enliven even the dullest of environments. Be the star of any celebration by wearing this stunning Kurti!

These are just a few of the incredible colours that go with yellow to perfection in kurtis with dual tone.

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