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Word Counter: Fundamental Features & Key Significance

Word Counter

Word Counter

Whether you are a student, online assignment writer, blogger, or other professionals, word count is a crucial writing metric. From making social media posts to writing lengthy essays, you have been writing within a specific word count, knowingly or unknowingly.

Believe it or not, in this internet era, we are limited by word counts. For instance,

  • Twitter limits tweets to 280 characters (previously, it was 140 characters).
  • Facebook doesn’t allow users to make posts beyond 63,206 characters or comments more than 8000 characters.
  • Blogs have to be more than 1800 words to appear on the first page of search results on Google.

It’s clear that you must be on point and portray your ideas or opinion within the limited word count on different platforms. It’s pretty frustrating to cut out sentences or even paragraphs that you struggled to write. And besides, why waste your precious time when you can use a word counter tool to keep your word count in check?

What is a Word Counter Tool?

Word counter is a free online tool for users to get the count of words, characters, characters without spaces, syllables, paragraphs, sentences, short phrases, and so on in the blink of eyes.

Why Use A Word Counter?

Here’s why you should give this tool a try:

  • Accurate and fast results
  • No additional support
  • No software downloads

Why is a Word Counter Important?

Just as an APA referencing generator or a plagiarism checker, a word counter also plays a critical role in academia. Publishing, legal writing, and advertising to help you keep your word count in check. 

Apart from calculating words and characters, a word count can highlight overused words, sentence and phrase redundancies in assignments. And helps the user to detect errors and make changes in the write-up. The upgraded tools are also of great help for proofreading services to detect grammatical errors and plagiarised content.

Who Can Use a Word Counter?

A word counter is helpful for anyone who has to deal with written documents and online or offlinecontent.

  • Bloggers or content writers can use this tool for creating SEO-friendly content for their sites and maintain the word limit effectively.
  • Lawyers, secretaries, and other professionals can use the tool to evaluate the length of specific write-ups.

Word Count Tool For SEO Writing

In SEO writing, word count plays a key role. Such long-form articles are the best for SEO, as they are more informative, thus, more authoritative.

The tool is of great help for bloggers and SEO writers to identify the top 10 keywords. And calculate their keyword density.

In addition, it allows them to see if a particular keyword is used as per the requirements.

so there’s no keyword overuse.

How Do I Use A Word Counter?

In just two steps:

Step 1: Enter your text (type or copy-paste)

Step 2: Sit back and check the results



Even though Microsoft Apps and Google Docs come with their word counters.Online word counting tools are a perfect choice for non-Microsoft or Google Docs users. Manually counting words will not only take forever but won’t be accurate as well. Instead, you can use the tool to complete your word counting as effortlessly and accurately as possible.

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