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Burglaries: solutions to protect your home

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While the solutions to protect your home against burglaries are multiple, nearly 1 million thefts occur every year in unites states! So is your house not yet protected? Here are the options available to you.

Connected objects are a good option for monitoring your home. Here are the other solutions.


There are wired or wireless alarms. In both cases, installing an alarm system requires the services of a professional. Not only will your alarm be certified, but it can help you define the security perimeters in the house the strategic places where to place the sensors according to your lifestyle.

Is it effective?

An alarm reinforces security, coupled with other preventive measures (reinforced door, special locks, dog, key windows, burglar-proof glass, exterior lamp, etc.). In this case, the chances of not being burglarized are multiplied by 8. Therefore, a connection to an alarm center is recommended.

Good to know:

If your alarm has an outdoor siren, it must be registered with the Police.

For who? Isolated or rarely occupied houses, if you have valuables. Some theft insurance requires the placement of an alarm.

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Technical protections

The armored door

The advantage of an armored door? The entire entry is reinforced, not just the closing system. Ideally, any door leading to the outside should have at least three closing points (with hooks or mushroom heads).

Is it effective?

Not only is the sight of an armored door a deterrent, but, in addition, it considerably slows down the intrusion of burglars.

Good to know:

It is estimated that an intrusion that requires more than 3 minutes is generally stopped, which is the case with an armored door.

Additional locks

Reinforced protection can also go through a lock that makes it possible to block a window or a door with its specific shapes. Favor here a steel hook bolt and a robust case (steel ideally).

Is it effective?

A lock alone is not adequate protection against burglary. Therefore, this solution will have to be coupled with others.

The security bar

The crossbar is probably one of the oldest forms of protection for a home. But, on the other hand, it has adapted well to our times.

Is it effective? The security bar is a pretty formidable door stopper. The only problem is that it cannot be used for the door by which you leave the house. Therefore, the idea is to use it for the doors at the back.

Good to know:

Current models can also be locked.

The grid for the air vent

Some burglars sometimes use children to break into homes through basement vents. To protect yourself against this, you can install a ventilator grille with a padlock.

Is it effective?

Yes, but if you combine this solution with other protection systems.

Good to know:

For the ventilator, you can also use a crossbar fixed in the ventilator frame, which will prevent it from opening.


More and more individuals are entrusting the surveillance of their homes to security guards, especially during the holidays. This guarding can be mobile, static, and permanent, with or without a dog.

Is it effective?

Against intrusion, nothing beats the human eye. Of course, the “mobile” version does not offer protection at all times…

Good to know:

If you have animals and want to have them cared for at home, there are “pet sitters” (sometimes retired) who can also look after your property if they stay with you… It was less expensive.

Call the Police

The Police can also keep an eye on your home while away. You need to register with Police on the Web to set up this surveillance or fill out a form at your local police station.

Is it effective?

It does not work daily, only during holiday periods. The Police pass by your home regularly, day and night. It does not prevent break-ins either, but it does little to deter if burglars realize, during scouting, that the Police periodically pass through the neighborhood.

Good to know:

The surveillance request must be submitted 7 days before your departure.

The connected surveillance camera

There are now connected surveillance cameras for indoors and outdoors. Depending on the model, they connect to your Wi-Fi network (which must remain available even if you are not at home) or via a network cable. In the event of an intrusion or detection of a presence, you receive a notification on your smartphone.

Is it effective?

They do not prevent intrusion but make it possible to film what is happening and certify the theft or even identify the burglars. Some even have night vision. We compared 4 outdoor surveillance cameras.

Good to know:

American law is strict regarding outdoor cameras. Please note that you cannot film public roads. Here are our few tips for properly installing your camera.

Tips for installing your outdoor surveillance camera

Installing your outdoor surveillance camera yourself is child’s play. However, some legal and technical aspects must be taken into account. We guide you.

You have decided to install an outdoor surveillance camera. If you haven’t decided on it yet, our outdoor camera comparison guide, free to download, can help. And for the installation? No need to hire a professional! You can easily do it yourself, as long as you follow legal and technical advice here to install the camera?

To protect your house from any burglary, point your camera towards one of the access routes (your driveway, front door, windows, and garage).

It is advisable to place the camera 2 or 3 meters above the ground. This height will prevent it from being too easily accessible while allowing you to view the faces of your “visitors” correctly. However, it should not become the first thing someone sees when they arrive on your property. Therefore, the idealize to slightly offset it by filming from an angle rather than from the front.

To limit the effects of sun glare, aim your camera below the horizon line. With a tilt angle of around 30 degrees, you should get adequate vision.

What about image storage?

The images can be saved in the cloud or on a memory card, depending on the cameras. Each of these two options has its advantages and disadvantages.

The cloud makes it possible, sometimes for a fee, to store the videos on a secure server that only you can access. On the other hand, the SD card does not need an internet connection. It, therefore, continues to operate in the event of a Wi-Fi failure. In addition, it is independent of any external storage. However, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest file when the card memory is full.

And the power supply?

Some types of outdoor security cameras plug into your home’s mains, while others run on a battery. Mains power has the advantage of not being limited. The battery, meanwhile, has an autonomy of about a year and is practical if you do not have a nearby electrical supply and in the event of a power cut. Some cameras even have a solar-powered rechargeable battery.

You now have all the cards in hand to install your outdoor surveillance camera.

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