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Tips to design your kitchen

Tips to design your kitchen

You are considering remodeling your kitchen. Perhaps you wish to sell the house and want to make it look better or maybe you just want a change. Whatever the case, before you even start thinking about how much money you will spend and what style interior decoration would look best in your home, there are some basic things that need to be taken care of. Kitchen design is not something that can be done quickly or without careful planning. The following tips will help you draw out the design of your kitchen with Tramontina Dutch Oven and make sure everything is up to standard before proceeding with any serious purchase decisions.

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1) Start from scratch

There may be an old table at the center of the room where everyone usually sits for dinner but this does not mean that it has drawn its final breath. If it is in good condition, you can use it to put the TV on top of it or even as a kitchen counter. Do not be afraid to paint it with bright color if this pleases you and your family. Just make sure that the sink is close so that dishes may be washed easily. Furthermore, windows can look very charming if they are designed properly, which means making them bigger than usual and removing all bars.

2) Flooring

The floor covering is one of the most important things in every room because it creates atmosphere and reflects light throughout the space. If you have an open plan kitchen-diner with no division between rooms, then it becomes even more important to give everything an extra cozy feel by using wooden flooring. White tiles will make the kitchen look much bigger, while dark tiles can add a dramatic effect that you may enjoy.

3) Lights

Light is one of the most important factors that contribute to living in comfort or feeling great discomfort. When it comes to the kitchen, natural light should be used as much as possible because artificial lights can cause glare on objects and rob you of privacy by making it easier for your neighbors to see inside your home through your windows. Having said this, there are some lamps which are very directional and give off light where it is needed without brightening up unwanted places too much.

4) Comfort

The main idea here is not to make everything perfect but rather comfortable enough so everyone finds it welcoming when they enter the kitchen. The most important thing is choosing chairs that are large enough to accommodate human body and have a high back which grants support to your back while eating or talking to others. Furniture you choose should be easily cleaned, especially if it comprises of fabric, because stains can become permanent if not taken care of immediately. If there is no budget for new kitchen appliances, invest in thick towels and washable table clothes until money becomes plentiful again.

5) Worktops

Kitchen worktops need not only be flat; adding some texture will make them visually more interesting. Before deciding on anything though , make sure you measure everything properly so you may buy the correct equipment like sinks and stoves which this kind of surface best . Formica, laminates or tiles are perhaps the best options because they are easy to clean and not too expensive.

6) Appliances

There are certain appliances you simply cannot live without in your kitchen like a fridge and a sink. There is no need to buy the most recent and expensive models if they do not fit your budget. But make sure you do not buy very old appliances either. If you opt for stainless steel, make sure it does not look cheap by avoiding poor-quality fittings. And opting for solid surface worktops instead of large tiles if possible. Also avoid buying white appliances since this will require more frequent cleaning. Than other colors such as black, gray or red.

7) Storage space

Kitchens suffer from lack of storage space more than other rooms in the house. Which is why it is best to make good use of every inch available. Putting tall cabinets at the bottom and short ones on top will allow you easy access to everything. Although it may seem like a good idea to purchase all tall cabinets since they do not take much space. If one lives alone or with just another person then this might be fine. But if there are many people in the family then consider how everyone’s needs can be fulfilled.

8) Paint

Every room looks much better when painted properly. Because color can either enhance or ruin what you have done so far. Before painting though, check for any leaks, holes or missing tiles. So that after repainting your kitchen would look perfect. White is usually a good idea for kitchens because it reflects light. Which makes the room look bigger, plus it is easy to clean.

Before doing any paint work, It’ll be better to check your walls. Kitchen is the place where we use water constantly and there is very strong chances of mold. If there is any signs of mold or attic then you have to get rid of it before doing any paint work.

Sometimes mold is growing in the hidden areas of our home like, behind the shelves, fridge or any thing that is covering the wall from a long time. In that case, you can’t notice anything like mold or attic. It is better to call a professional like Mold Inspection in North York. They are experts and have best and modern technology and devices to find it.

9) Flooring

Kitchens are not usually very high up in terms of elevation so if you live in a house. With wooden flooring throughout, consider keeping it in your kitchen. As well since this will help give the room an overall cozy feel. If you have no other option but to cover up your existing flooring. Then opt for tiles rather than carpets because they are easier to clean. Pampas grass adds more to your kitchen fashion. Wooden cabinets and table tops should be kept though because they go well with wooden or tiled floors. While laminate does not do too bad either when combined with appliances that are also made from the same.

10) Walls


Most people like decorating kitchen walls with shelves filled up with mugs or some pictures, but what is most important to consider when doing so is proper lighting because if there are no lights on the side of the cabinets then even though they may look nice, they become useless. Standard storage solutions can be found online , but feel free to get creative and use things like coat hangers to hang cups instead of using expensive racks.

11) Stove hoods

Many people do not think about ventilating their kitchens properly until it becomes too late. And mold starts growing everywhere due to excessive steam build up over time. Installing a stove hood will help remove this excess humidity before it does any damage. By sucking out all unwanted air through its fan which usually has a filter. To collect all dirt before it is released back into the atmosphere. Investing in one is probably the most cost-efficient way of reducing any damage done by steam in your home.

12) Windows

Most kitchens are located at least close to a window for this very reason. Make sure you open it regularly so that humidity collects on the glass and not elsewhere in the room. Which can lead to mold formation around skirting boards or underneath shelves where anything can grow. Without anyone noticing until it is too late. Also make sure the window sill is tall enough so nothing spills over. When placed near opening because accidents happen more than we would like them too.


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