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Coloring pages to print for kids at DDC123

Welcome to our section of coloring pages , drawings to paint and drawings to print.

We have a lot of coloring pages to download and thousands of children’s coloring pages , many of them exclusive and organized by theme. The drawings have been designed by our team of artists and creative professionals, experts in design, multimedia family entertainment and audiovisual communication.

Online learning communities like Tutflix make it easy to take part in the group. From online discussions with classmates to video chatting with faculty, online colleges and universities offer accessible, enjoyable ways for students to become engaged with their education and learning community.

Visit DDC123 to download many coloring pages for free: Disegni da colorare e stampare

You will find the best-known characters from the television cartoon series and a lot of drawings from movies such as The Minions , Disney drawings , Pixar , Frozen , Cars , SpongeBob , as well as beautiful kawaii drawings . And also drawings of cars , drawings of unicorns , drawings of animals , drawings of pirates , drawings of sports , drawings of flowers …

Thousands of drawings of the highest quality for you to choose from and spend a lot of time having fun with us.

And don’t miss out on the exclusive coloring pages from Planeta Pomelo and the Robot drawings from El Parque de los Dibujos that are the protagonists of many animated stories and adventures that you can see in our different sections.

Finally, we recommend the wonderful collection of mandala coloring pages that we have prepared with love for you and our section of online coloring pages , without forgetting, of course, the fantastic collection of motivational and inspirational phrases that will help you stay the course with energy and optimism ? ?



Coloring drawings are an excellent educational tool with which parents, teachers and tutors can teach students and their dependents the benefits of practicing art.

 Coloring pages are an educational material that stimulates creativity and makes us transform a blank piece of paper into a unique work of art. All this, making use of the infinite possibilities offered by the action of coloring.


The coloring pages are suitable for all people, they are not aimed at any particular age group or any particular type of person.

There are simpler drawings for children and people with limited abilities and we also have more complex drawings with many details and geometric shapes that are more difficult to color and are aimed at people with high abilities.

There is a type of coloring pages for every occasion and for every person. Find yours and… Go ahead!


All people can start drawing and painting, no matter the degree of skill we have or the artistic level in which we find ourselves. All drawings made by all people are valid. Everyone has the right to paint. Drawing and coloring is a form of expression that all human beings have at our disposal.


Any place and occasion is valid to start painting some beautiful coloring pages . What are you waiting for to show off your artistic skills or just have a good time?


We are committed to improving the world and we do our bit by trying to create entertainment and cultural content that serves to stimulate creativity, increase concentration and learn about art, design, science, etc.

 You will learn to perceive beauty through our drawings and they will help you unleash your imagination by following the stories that we propose in different sections of our family entertainment portal.

Stories… Many stories and drawings that will give you the point of inspiration you need to recreate a thousand creative adventures that will train your mind, increase your self-esteem and help you think more and better and be independent. Paint and color as you want the drawings that we bring you here. Paint and color by yourself ?.



 Download the drawings, send them to the printer and you will have some great drawings ready to paint . We love art, creativity, beautiful things, design and coloring pages Ole! ?

Coloring life, coloring love, coloring with passion, coloring to make the world a better place. Color your dreams, color a lot, look at life with colors and positivity.

be happy and color the planet, transmit color, warmth and energy wherever you go.

We recommend you read the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. It was written by the British mathematician Lewis Carroll in 1865 and is considered one of the best novels of the fantasy genre.

 “Alice in Wonderland” (it is also called that without “the adventures of”) is an example of the “Nonsense” genre.

which is a type of literature that is done sometimes in verse and sometimes in prose, in which it seeks

to generate strange word games that are not normally used.

with many humorous twists, surrealism and absurd or “nonsense” things (A rabbit that talks and is always in a hurry…).

 They also play with the rhythm of the words and with the pronunciation to imitate, in a certain way, the way children speak.

Coloring pages to print for free

The story of the novel tells how a girl named. Alicia falls through a hole in the field and appears in a fantastic world populated by humans

anthropomorphic creatures (with human form but not humans) The main protagonists are the

We also recommend you see the different versions of the book that have been made on film. The best ones are the Disney cartoon from 1951

and the one from Tim Burton from 2010 (also from Disney) with real characters and.

a whole display of colors, settings and special effects that make the whole fantastic world that we see seem normal.

recreate. In 2016 Tim Burton also directed “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.

which is the sequel to the first and is also based on the book that Lewis Carroll wrote in 1871. “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”. ?

We have included Alice in our catalog of coloring pages .

Click on the following link to download this coloring pagein PDF format to print.

with all the quality at the size you want. Open “Alice in Wonderland coloring page” in PDF format

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