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How to Become CA in India in Just First Attempt: Complete Guide

How to become a CA in India

How to become CA in India –Chartered Accountancy is one of the most popular professional courses that students choose after their 12th or graduation. This detailed guide will share the CA course details and the steps to become a CA in India.

Chartered Accountants handles the work in the field of accounting, auditing, finance, and other related aspects. With the rise of the finance industry in India, there is a greater demand for CAs than ever and will remain so. Moreover, due to the high CA salary in India, more and more students are interested in this field. Seeing such a boom in this industry, many students wish to join this career and have a question in their mind, i.e., how to become CA in India?

The CA Course duration after the 12th class is five years and students need a minimum of four and a half years to complete it after their graduation. However, this Chartered accountancy course duration is true if a student will crack all the papers in single attempt.

Now, scroll down to know the step-by-step process to become CA in India after 12th and graduation. In addition, you’ll also know the tips to make your journey easier.

How to become a CA after 12thClass or Graduation?

In the following sections, you’ll get the complete CA course details needed to know how to become CA in India.

CA Foundation Course

Your CA journey starts with CA Foundation registration. All the eligible students first need to register for the CA Foundation course. After registration, students get a study period of 4 months for preparation. In the meantime, ICAI opens the exam form window. You need to fill the CA Foundation exam form before the last date. ICAI will issue the admit card 14 days before the exams. To clear the CA Foundation exams, you need to get at least 40 per cent in each paper and an aggregate of 50 per cent. CA Foundation results will be released after two months of the last paper. The CA Course fees

CA Intermediate Course

As you clear the foundation exams, you need to register for CA Intermediate. Here the eligibility criteria is to clear the foundation exams. In CA Inter, you get a study period of 8 months. The filing of the exam form, admit card is the same as in the foundation course. Here, you’ll be studying 8 subjects than 4 in the CA Foundation. Students can give one group or both based on their preparation and capability. The CA Intermediate results are also declared after 2 months of the exams. The passing criteria is to get 40 per cent in each paper and 50 per cent aggregate in a group.

Articleship Training

When a student clears a single group of the CA Intermediate, he becomes eligible for the practical training. The practical training is of 3 years in which you get the chance to work on things that you are studying.

CA Final Course

The eligibility criteria for CA Final registration is to clear both the groups of CA Intermediate and complete the training. There are 8 subjects in CA Final divided into 2 groups. CA Final exams are tough to crack, so it is advised to the students to prepare well and give their best. Here also, the process of exam form, admit card remain same as above. The CA Final results will be announced after 2 months of the last paper.

This is a brief about how to become CA after 12th and the CA course details required in the next 5-6 years of CA journey.

Steps to become CA after Graduation

Graduated students have the advantage that they don’t need to give the CA Foundation exams. Candidates can register directly for the CA Intermediate course. However, commerce graduates need to get at least 55 per cent marks, and non-commerce graduates require at least 60 per cent. As you register for the CA Intermediate, you can start your preparation. Afterwards, the steps to become a CA after graduation is the same as above.

5 Habits of Successful CA Students

The CA candidate should inculcate these 5 habits to excel in the CA exams.

  1. Candidates must learn to manage their time and utilize it properly during the CA articleship and preparation.
  2. The proper planning with the set goal from the candidate for covering the complete syllabus of the course.
  3. Do revisions of the theory subject as per chapters and solve one mock test paper daily.
  4. Focus on every topic in the syllabus and never skip topics. The students must gather a clear concept of every topic studied for the day.
  5. Make a habit of making notes where you can follow your weakness. Make a regular habit of transforming your fault in the regular session in the coaching institute with experienced faculties available.

Among the chartered accountant requirements that every CA aspirant should know, a few of them are time and work management, organization skills, focus, etc. So the students should inculcate these habits to excel in their careers.

Topper’s Strategy to get a rank

As you get the 5 habits of successful CA students, now read the topper’s strategy to obtain a rank in the CA examinations.

  • Avoid group learning with friends and attend the regular classes in coaching tutorials with all the enabled facilities inside the tutorial.
  • The CA candidates should complete the syllabus well in advance and leave ample time for revisions and mock test papers.
  • Segregate the topics into small parts and complete them on the same day.
  • Be self-motivated during the time of your learning, revision, and practice.
  • Make a routine to study at least 10 to 15 hours per day to obtain a Rank in the CA exam.
  • Take a short break after a thorough study to increase your efficiency level.
  • Keep the uncleared concept in a short note for every topic. You can clear this from experienced faculty in the coaching institute as you get the chance.
  • Take guidance from expert faculty on how to write quality answers for the examination for improvement.
  • The students must solve mock test papers for easy self-assessment and perform in the articleship training.
  • CA students need to avoid social media, watching TV, etc., to obtain a rank and stay focused on their goal.
  • Last and not least, the CA candidate may adopt yoga or meditation for 20-30 minutes to avoid stress.


To sum up, in this complete guide, you learned about how to become CA in India after 12th or graduation. In addition, you now also know about the 5 habits to inculcate and also topper’s strategies to get the best CA result. So, it is time to register for the CA Foundation course and start this amazing journey.

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