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Sharara Dress Origin And Journey To Become One’s Wardrobe Must Have


Sharara Suit UK

What comes to your mind when you see a Sharara Dress? 

The dynamical dominance of the Mughal Empire, the fashion amongst the outskirts of the primordial conurbations, or the current weddings and reception ceremonies of the South-East Asian folks? Hmm, or maybe, all of them?

Sharara Suit UK became vital part of Indian heritage ever since the Mughal’s rule in the sub-continent. The Mughlai women, the royal grand ladies, would adorn themselves in Sharara Dresses, attend court politics, dance in the harems, or appear in eventful functions. Sharara suits and dresses were the staple identity of the Royal Ladies, and even back in the Sultanate days, the dresses received much love and adoration from the people, much like now. And now, fast-forwarding to the modern-day fashion and style, Sharara Suits are back to wow us all yet again. 


And we are most certainly, not complaining

Sharara Suit — A Quint Essential In A Desi Wardrobe

Weddings, receptions, Shadi, Sangeet, and holy festivals of South Asian descent have one thing in common. Colors.  And when you think of colors, the vision of ladies twirling in colorful, shimmering dresses in the blackest of night and the brightest day often comes into one’s mind. That is precisely how desi festivals or events are envisioned. 

Extending our knowledge about Sharara dresses, it is unlikely to regard a wedding or a small desi event without seeing women of all ages slaying the function in a Sharara dress. 

Libas e Jamila’s Sharara dresses are decorated with much love with traditional zests like Motifs, Zari, Stone, and thread work, giving them the perfect Mughlayi shade of honor. However, since the past few decades, some modifications in the prehistoric style have been exquisitely done that have gained advantages, if we may add it so. 

Sharara Designs That May Leave Everyone With Much Wows

The newest Libas e Jamila’s Sharara suit collection has remarkably fed the audiences well. The classical and aesthetic color schemes, beautiful ornate designs, simple traditional style threadwork are perfect for occasional events, suitable for party wears apart from weddings. 

If it is already known enough, customs, rituals, all religious events, and festivals have been sacred things in every society. However, in South Asia — preferably in India and Pakistan — festivals have always been an imperative element of their respectable society. That is why each one of them takes great pride in showing off (or we must say ‘flaunting’) their beautiful colors and flawless dressing styles. 

Speaking of designs, let’s discuss the current fashion trends regarding Sharara suits.

Hip length Shirts

Ever since the public has seen the Sharara dresses back again in the markets, the designers are working strenuously to manipulate the old-fashioned style and feed something new dainty traditional to the people. And it seems like; it is working. 

Hip-length Sharara suits are composite of — literally — hip-length shirts of cholis paired with Dupattas. The work, style, design, and colors are chosen, in a way, to complement and enhance the grace of ‘hip length’ shirts. 

Sharara Bottoms with A Crop-Top

It is no secret that the media and celebrities influence the fashion of the general public. And in no time, a very trendy style or design can be widespread among the young if it has received many praises. 

Most women, even today, prefer to doll themselves in traditional style dresses with a little bit of ‘modern’ hint to it. And truthfully, this mindset has made attending parties easier because whatever you wear — if you wore it good — will become the next fashion trend in the community.

If you are on your way to attend a ball party or a casual event hosted by a friend and happen to own a Sharara bottom, you can happily pair it with a short crop-top or a short, waist-length shirt to complete your look. Keeping in mind the color contrast and what your Sharara requires is the key to slay your look. For example, simple monotone Sharara bottom could be nicely paired up with a colorful, printed, sleeveless, or off-shoulder crop-top to complete your look. 

Sharara Or Saree? Or Maybe The Best LOOK!

Wearing the same outfit yet in completely different ways is the new smart move. And not to mention, it saves money also. If you do not enjoy going on and in shopping malls to look for your next perfect sharara dress to wear at the event, why not re-design your same worn outfit differently? Rather brainstorm and get creative than spend money. Smart choice!

In Indian and Pakistani heritage, it is not uncommon to see designers mix and match different styles to articulate one perfect look. On the contrary, such practices are more appreciated now. Given that fashion and style have become an active part of our lives, it is more expected to give us more every time. And that is what it had given us. 


You can wear a Sharara dress styled much like Saree to stand out at an event. It is creative, unique, and economically friendly. Other than it being smart choice, Saree — which alone is an epitome of grace — would look sumptuous paired with a floral, flared Sharara bottom. For options, you may have printed, polka-dot, or plain designs to opt for. However, these days, pastels are more in fashion. And truthfully, Sharara Saree looks best in pastel or light, cool-toned colors. Nevertheless, you have all the time to experiment and look for the best. 

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