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Tips To Do Applique Digitizing

Applique Digitizing

Appliqué digitizing is one of the most generous ways to make your cloth look good. Appliqué digitizing is the best way to add flair to your dress like vibrant colors, a touch of any embroidery, or anything you like. This work should be done by the professional. The antique city of the appliqué digitizing can only be gain by a professional. He knows well how to make a piece look perfect and on to the point.

Appliqué digitizing is one of the most common ways to make your cloth look good and perfect. The word appliqué comes from a word in French called appliqué which means attach which actually makes sense like it actually a process of attaching different pieces onto a large piece to make it look good. There are different techniques through which anappliqué digitizing is done over the years. Like through needles and now from machineries.


Most of the people make their appliqué digitizing done by experts but if you are not one of them and want it to do by your hands then try these tips maybe you can get the result you want but it is not as perfect as experts. But for a change you can try it on some of your clothes maybe it turns out good.

  • For the first step try using an enlarge image for appliqué use the zoom in image if not then the appliqué tool as a handy can be used to make the design. The appliqué that are present in much software’s and now come in handy. It can be used to make free hand style or anchor the points. You just have to make sure that you zoom capture all the lines and designs present in the image you choose.

  • One of the most important things to notice is the placement point of the appliqué. It should be accurate because according to it the line of the appliqué is made and if it is not proper it may ruin your piece of embroidery. A stop is usually added to the machine so that the user could correct the appliqué properly before continuing. Once the appliqué is done it can be settle down by decorating its edges by satin which make it more eyes catching and you will surely love your end product. Appliqué is one of the time taking processes and it need full focus.

  • If the design of appliqué is basic and simple then it is easy to digitize it but if you are working with a précised design one then it may cause a little bit difficulty in digitizing. It need a separate piece to first design on it and then attach to the large piece however on the other hand if the appliqué design is more easy to work on the only trick to make it look good is to start from the center and move outward this will make your design look more précised.

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